Mdundo DJ Spotlight: What it Means to be a DJ in Jos, DJ Joweey Shares His Story

Mdundo DJ Spotlight What it Means to be a DJ in Jos, DJ Joweey Shares His Story
Mdundo DJ Spotlight: What it Means to be a DJ in Jos, DJ Joweey Shares His Story

This week, Mdundo DJ Stories features the talented Jos-based disk jockey DJ Joweey aka β€œDe PlayBwoy”.

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Being one of the most highly rated DJs in Plateau state didn’t happen overnight. The grind never stops, the goal of this young budding DJ is to become one of the best out of Naija. He shares his journey with us below:

Hi DJ, can you please tell us about yourself?

I’m Joseph Nwoye Bartholomew popularly known as DJ Joweey β€œDe PlayBwoy”, I am based in Jos, Plateau state. I hail from Enugu state.

Tell us about your journey and how did you start DJing?

My journey hasn’t been easy at all. I started djing in 2015. I was still in secondary school when I started with my mum’s laptop, where I installed the virtual DJ software to play.

At that time, it was very tough because my mum didn’t support me so anytime I had a gig or wanted to rehearse I would have to sneak into her room and carry her laptop without her knowing. With time I started saving and in 2017, I was able to buy my laptop. As God will have it, I keep upgrading day by day.

DJing started taking me to places I didn’t even think I would go in my entire life. Staying out all night and sometimes having to step out of my comfort zone to deliver a gig. It hasn’t been easy but God is seeing us through.

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DJ Joweey

Why did you choose to be a DJ as your professional career?

In the beginning, I didn’t really choose djing as a career. I only had a passion for it. I wanted to just do it for the fun of playing music but with time, it got so into me. I was focused and worked hard to ensure I tried to level up and DJing started paying my bills. Djing is the best thing I can think of now and I am proud to be a DJ.

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What were your struggles while starting, and what are you currently facing as challenges?

When I started, my major challenge was to use the turntable. I did go online to watch videos. Then DJ Twitch, a friend of mine, started teaching me for a little while and with time I bought a DDJ Sb3 controller and started practicing on my own.

My major challenge as a DJ here in Jos is DJ gadgets. I struggle in getting equipment to go play at an event, No finance to fund the hustle. Clients pay less and expect more, and at the end of the gigs, we sometimes go home with nothing to give our parents.

Do you think that the DJ world has given women adequate representation?

Yes, I think they have. It’s just that I feel most ladies don’t take Djing seriously. I once had a girl who I was training with. She was doing well and all of a sudden she relaxed and didn’t take it seriously anymore.

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How do you balance your life as a professional DJ, your family, and your study?

It hasn’t been easy at all but God Did! Family is so demanding, I will have to come through for the family business before going to my events and then heading to the club. It has been stressful but God is seeing us through even if I know my parents have never supported me in my DJ career.

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Which big concert do you dream of playing at?

I have always dreamt of playing at the DJ Kaywise Okiki Show which happens annually. Kaywise has been my mentor right from time, but I still want to play at Big Brother Naija House, the vibe there alone is something else.

Where do you feel most comfortable? In the studio or on stage?

I feel my vibe more on stage with a lot of people vibing to my sound

How do you stay up to date with the latest music trends?

It hasn’t been easy but being a Pro DJ requires a lot of sacrifices. We have to follow the trends, especially on social media such as TikTok, Instagram, etc.

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Are there any DJs on or off the scene that you look up to or who inspires you?

Many inspire me, including DJs in Jos such as DJ Deekay, and DJ SteveMixMaster. Then the popular DJs such as DJ Kaywise, DJ Spinall, DJ Neptune, DJ KenGifted, Commissioner DJ Wysei, etc.

Which Naija artist will you like to play for and why?

I would love to play for Burna Boy or Davido. I love their vibe on stage, their kind of music is what I love to play.

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DJ Joweey aka The PlayBwoy

How do you feel mixing Afrobeats tunes, compared to mixing foreign songs?

I do mix both well, but afrobeat is the real vibe. It’s just like I was born for Afrobeats.

What advice would you give to your past self, and those who want to take up DJing as a career?

The only thing I can say to my past self and to those who want to take up djing as a career is that the major key is hard work. You have to push yourself because nobody will do that for you, just know what you want and keep striving.

We will surely make it to the top. This is not where I was when I started but I am grateful for where I am now and praying to go higher.

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