Cookies Policy

In the interest of transparency, this policy contains detailed information on the use that NaijaVibes makes of cookies. This policy applies to all websites and mobile applications published by NaijaVibes and explains how the User can control the use of cookies and other similar technologies.

By accessing the site, the User accepts the terms and conditions of this policy, applicable during each connection and from any terminal.

1. What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file that can be saved, subject to the User’s choices, in a dedicated space on the hard drive of his terminal (computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.) when consulting the site. thanks to its navigation software. It enables NaijaVibes functionalities such as content recommendation, user authentication or content submission to be activated. Its purpose is to collect information relating to the user’s navigation and to transmit this information in return.

When connecting to the site for the first time, a banner is displayed on the first page. Subject to the User’s choices, cookies will be stored in the memory of your computer, smartphone, tablet, mobile etc. The information thus collected can be used by the Sites or by a third party, such as an advertising agency or a partner of NaijaVibes. The cookie retention period is 13 (thirteen) months maximum from the day the User has given his consent to the integration of said cookie.

The User is free to delete them at any time on his terminal. He also has the possibility, at any time, to refuse the registration of cookies on his device via the browser software and according to the procedure described in point 4 of this document.

However, the refusal of certain cookies may cause the degradation of a certain number of functionalities necessary for browsing the Sites (registration or display difficulties, etc.). In this case, NaijaVibes cannot be held responsible for these malfunctions. Furthermore, deactivating advertising cookies does not mean that the User will not receive advertising, but simply that it will no longer be adapted to his interests.

The User can also choose to consult the site using the “Private Browsing” mode offered by his browser, the cookies will then be automatically destroyed when the window is closed. This can be a good alternative if the User wishes to take advantage of all the features of the Sites without the risk of sharing his browsing information beyond the duration of the consultation.

2. What are cookies used for?

The cookies used on our Sites allow NaijaVibes to recognize Users when they visit the Sites and to identify their behaviour, remember their preferences or offer them a personalized experience in line with their settings. Cookies also make it possible to provide third-party services or advertisements, both on the Sites or outside them.

Cookies are also necessary for the proper functioning of certain services or to measure the audience of the Sites.

Cookies are likely to be included in the advertising spaces of our Sites. These advertising spaces help finance the content and services that we make available to you.

2.1. Cookies deposited by NaijaVibes

The cookies deposited by NaijaVibes have several purposes:

– Technical cookies

These cookies allow us to monitor the technical performance of our Sites and applications, detect problems that may impact the User’s experience in order to correct them, secure NaijaVibes’s platforms, and also to detect malicious activities and violations of the General Conditions of Use.

– Digital Identity Management cookies

These cookies enable us to offer account creation and connection services. They are placed on the browser when the subscriber arrives on a page of the website equipped with personal space as soon as they are identified by their personal account.

These cookies are linked to the account holder. They can provide the subscriber with access to their user space, and their communication preferences. They contain the data collected directly from the account holder as well as technical session data allowing browsing from page to page without being disconnected from the user account.

– Digital Identity Management cookies

These cookies allow us to provide account creation and login services. They are placed on the browser when the subscriber arrives on a page of Sites equipped with personal space as soon as he is identified by his personal account.

These cookies are attached to the account holder. They allow subscribers to access their user space and their communication preferences. They contain the data collected directly from the account holder as well as the technical session data allowing navigation from page to page without being disconnected from the user account.

2.2 Cookies placed by third parties

NaijaVibes informs Users that it does not have control over the cookies placed in the User’s browser by social networks or its partners.

– Cookies related to statistical audience collection

These cookies allow NaijaVibes to record certain connection information which is intended to establish audience statistics, analyze and quantify the number of visits to the Sites and then develop qualitative studies aimed at improving the presentation of Sites and information disseminated on its products and services. These cookies are used for the purposes of optimizing the Sites.

– Cookies linked to social networks

These cookies allow the User to interact with our Sites on social networks, in particular through sharing buttons or modules offered by third parties appearing on certain pages of NaijaVibes Sites. These buttons or modules allow the User to use the functionalities of these networks and in particular to share content on NaijaVibes with other users of these networks.

NaijaVibes informs you that when the User goes to a web page on which one of these buttons or modules is located, his browser can send information to the social network which can then associate the visit to the page with his profile on the network. social.

If the User does not want the social network to link the information collected through the Sites to his user account, he can disconnect from the social network before visiting the Sites.

– Advertising and user knowledge cookies

These cookies are placed by NaijaVibes’s advertising agencies and the advertisers and/or their management (“the Partners”) present on the Sites. They are used to send the User more relevant targeted advertising and offer him a personalized experience. These cookies make it possible to track/limit a User’s exposure to content, identify the pages that he consults when browsing the Sites and categorize them according to his browsing habits.

The User is free to express his choices on the use of these cookies by configuring his browser or directly on the partner sites, by following the links mentioned in point 5 below.

Our commitments:

The data collected is associated with an anonymous identifier and may be cross-linked, in certain cases, with qualifying data. This data is shared with NaijaVibes partners who must comply with our requirements in terms of security, collection, transfer, retention and use of data.

3. Other technologies and mobile devices

NaijaVibes and its third-party partners may use technologies equivalent to cookies such as Local Storage or local databases in mobile and tablet applications to store information equivalent to that specified above.

4. Accept or refuse cookies and other technologies

The User can decide to delete these cookies at any time. The browser can also be configured to signal the creation of new cookies to which the User can decide to oppose or not. The User can accept or refuse cookies, either individually or systematically.

The User can express his choices, manage, deactivate or authorize cookies directly by modifying the parameters of his Internet browser or of his OS as follows:

You can also configure your browser so that it sends a code indicating to websites that you do not wish to be “tracked” (“Do No Track” option) as follows:

You can object to the use of navigation data by our partners, in particular:

The list of these partners is likely to change over time. This is why we invite you to return periodically to this page to learn about these developments.

If you refuse the registration of cookies in your terminal, you will no longer be able to benefit from certain features of the Sites such as:

  • Deletion of social cookies: you will no longer be able to use social sharing functionalities (buttons and/or modules) (liking, sharing content, making comments, etc.);
  • Deletion of advertising cookies: the display of advertisements on the Sites will not take into account your centres of interest, and your preferences and will be less relevant, but the deletion will not stop the advertising.

NaijaVibes declines all responsibility for the consequences related to the degraded functioning of the Sites and/or services resulting from the refusal or deletion of cookies by the User necessary for the operation of the Sites.

5. Transfer of data outside the European Union

Some of our partners are located outside the European Union, and the data thus collected may be transferred to countries that are not members of the European Union, whose legislation on the protection of personal data differs. those of the European Union.

In this case, NaijaVibes implements the means to ensure the security and confidentiality of this data and ensures that this transfer complies with the legal framework: transfer to a country ensuring a sufficient level of protection, the signature of contractual clauses issued by the European Commission or any other regulatory or contractual means to guarantee a sufficient level of protection.

Please note that we strictly require our partners to use your personal data only to manage or provide the services requested. We also ask these partners to always act in accordance with the applicable laws on the protection of personal data and to pay particular attention to the confidentiality of this data.