M.I Abaga – Pass the Mic ft. Punchline, Preacher Kingz, Fozter, Barnyjuice, Seghun

M.I Abaga Pass the Mic
M.I Abaga – Pass the Mic ft. Punchline, Preacher Kingz, Fozter, Barnyjuice, Seghun

M.I. Abaga introduces some amazing rap talents on a new song, “Pass the Mic,” with some dope punchlines.

M.I. Abaga teams up with some emerging and promising rap talents, including Punchline, Preacher Kingz, Fozter, Barnyjuice, and Seghun.

With a heavy six verses in seven minutes, M.I. Abaga went hard on his verse, setting the pace for Punchline, Preacher Kingz, Fozter, Barnyjuice, and Seghun, who delivered.

The fierce hip-hop record, “Pass the Mic” is a quick response to Wizkid’s recent criticism of the rap genre in Nigeria a few weeks ago.

G-Plus Chang is credited with the production. The lengthy cypher “Pass the Mic” is a snippet of M.I. Abaga’s response after carefully listening to his verse.

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Finally, the rappers Punchline, Preacher Kingz, Fozter, Barnyjuice, and Seghun were introduced by Boomplay, and M.I. Abaga decided to give them a platform.

Quotable Lyrics:

Uhm MI the guy, yeah
Yo, see Hip-hop means a lot to me
that’s why when I hear people talking shit, I want apologies
So that’s why I told rappers to fix up the musicality back in 2008
I changed the crowd mentality and how I did it
It was hustle and nothing more, what the customers adore
I gave to them, I gave them all
As the genre and the industry mature and they are so many more voices in the door
Choices are now more for listeners
We need our legends to position us
The brethren and sisters who are listeners sticking up for hip hop, you’re the shit
We love you, I would hug you if I was there
I pray your love and support for hip hop don’t disappear, yeah

See, we don been through shit, we can’t speak up
Experience would teach you those things they don’t teach us
Like how to move as an artist when you hit up
Many artistes would cake up but not beef up
Wake up, take tea cup, then drink up and stay calm
We’ve got to make lots of mullah
Lots to take home
That’s why I constantly create these platforms
The art form that gotta benefit whenever I rap for ‘em
I’m in top form still
I got the lock on skill
The undisputed tho I changed my name
But giving platforms to young rappers is still my aim
So, I present to you, the rappers brought to you by Boomplay, let’s go

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Listen below:

M.I Abaga – Pass the Mic

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