Joeboy Releases 2 new singles “Adenuga” featuring Qing Madi, “Concerning”

Joeboy Adenuga
Joeboy Releases 2 new singles “Adenuga” featuring Qing Madi, “Concerning”

Afrobeat artist, Joeboy, has released two new singles: “Adenuga” featuring Qing Madi and “Concerning”.

Known for his heartfelt lyrics and catchy melodies that continue to capture the hearts of many, Joeboy explores the different aspects of love genuinely and authentically in these new songs.

“Adenuga” is a soulful tribute to the beauty of love, featuring the rising star Qing Madi. In a world where love is often portrayed superficially, Joeboy’s unapologetic embrace of romance is a refreshing change. It’s a song that listeners worldwide are sure to enjoy with its smooth vocals and heartfelt harmonies.

On the other hand, “Concerning” is a reflection on the complexities of unrequited love. It’s a poignant track that showcases Joeboy’s depth and vulnerability as an artist. The song captures the struggles of navigating relationships in the face of rejection. Despite the pain, Joeboy’s message remains clear: love is worth the risk.

Joeboy explains that he wanted to explore both the joys and challenges of romantic relationships in these songs. He hopes that listeners will find solace and connection in his music. He also shares that he always gives his all in love and that it’s a beautiful experience that he always wants to be a part of.

Produced by Prestige and Swankii respectively, “Adenuga” and “Concerning” highlight Joeboy’s versatility as an artist. As he continues to captivate audiences with his soulful melodies and heartfelt lyrics, these songs stand as a testament to his unwavering commitment to musical excellence.

Adenuga and Concerning are out now, Stream/Listen here:

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