CKay Links Up With Olamide On New Single “Wahala”

CKay Wahala
CKay Teams Up With Olamide On New Single “Wahala”

Nigerian singer and songwriter, CKay is all set to charm music enthusiasts once again with his latest single “Wahala,” featuring acclaimed artist Olamide.

Continuing the momentum from his previous releases, CKay’s “Wahala” showcases his signature sound, infused with a captivating Spanish-influenced guitar melody by Moonesawmy Devadasen. With CKay’s mesmerizing vocals and Olamide’s brilliant storytelling, the collaboration brings a fresh and vibrant energy to the music scene.

Speaking about the inspiration behind “Wahala,” CKay shared, “It’s about problematic sexiness.” This sentiment hints at the dynamic and captivating nature of the track, promising listeners an immersive experience.

CKay expressed his excitement about collaborating with Olamide, stating, “Olamide and I complimented each other well on the record. I think it’s beautiful.” Their synergy on the track is evident, promising a musical masterpiece that will resonate with audiences worldwide.

Accompanying the release of “Wahala” is an official music video and a range of visual content featuring the collaboration’s talented contributors. The video gives a visual experience that complements the song’s captivating narrative and infectious melodies.

Wahala is Out Now Stream/listen here:

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