Felabration 2024 Unveils Theme Inspired by Fela Kuti’s Iconic Song ‘Look and Laugh’

Felabration 2024
Felabration 2024 Unveils Theme Inspired by Fela Kuti’s Iconic Song ‘Look and Laugh’

The Felabration Organising Committee has announced that the theme for Felabration 2024 will be “Look and Laugh”.

Fela Kuti originally released the song “Look and Laugh” in 1980 as part of his album “Coffin for Head of State”. This song is still important today, as it shows different faces of corruption and subtly criticizes self-serving actions. It encourages people to open their eyes and take action against oppression.

Yeni Kuti, Head of the Felabration Organising Committee, said that this year’s theme is exciting and allows them to honour Fela’s legacy by embracing his message of resilience and expression. In Nigeria, where inflation, currency devaluation, and rising food and fuel prices are affecting people’s lives, the theme of “Look and Laugh” is especially important. Felabration 2024 aims to encourage conversation, reflection, and inspire action, carrying forward Fela’s legacy of social consciousness and innovation through entertainment.

Felabration is an annual celebration of Fela Anikulapo Kuti’s life, music, and legacy. It is a cultural event that brings together music enthusiasts, activists, artists, and fans worldwide. The festival commemorates Fela’s impact on music, politics, and culture.

This year’s festival will feature activities like “The Fela Debates,” Afrobics Dance Competition, Secondary School Debate, Art Competition, the Dress Fela Fashion Competition, and the 7-day Music Concert. Felabration 2024 is from Monday, 14 October to Sunday, 20 October 2024.

To find out more information about the festival, please visit the Felabration website.

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